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Presentations of the S.ARCH AWARD short-listed projects – Best Completed Project AWARD

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Awarding ceremony for the best Research Paper

Get-together cocktail dinner with networking opportunity for lectures, delegates, sponsors ...

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S.ARCH AWARDs selected by international prominent short-list Jury


“S.ARCH is a Supermarket of Architecture. You go in and take the Knowledge you need!”


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Civil engineers


The 4th International ARCHITECTURE Conference with AWARDs - S.ARCH, 7-9 June 2017, HONG KONG


Hear from a wide array of Keynote Speakers discussing current developments in architecture


Find the answers to pressing questions from experts at the forefront of development


Network with key research and architecture/design players in the field


Benefit from a discounted group registrations


Promote your knowledge, experience, ideas and achievements to a captive audience


Take opportunity to explore the most visited city in the world - Hong Kong


Supporting Organisers


Discounted Rates at the Cortyard Marriott Hong Kong**** Hotel (only 400 metres from the HKU) are provided only for the registered participants of the S.ARCH Conference       ... learn more



Meaning “touch the heart” in Chinese, this most popular meal in Hong Kong offer a wide variety and everyone can find their own taste. When you go to a Dim Sum restaurant, you are offered more than dozens of kinds and you pick your favorites.Dim Sum are definitely the perfect choice to get the taste of Hong Kong!

Egg Waffle is a highly popular sweet fast food in Hong Kong. Its shape is a bit unique. Actually eating this bubbly waffle is fun and the taste is really worth it. As it is categorized as street snack, you can find it anywhere in the streets and try this great taste. It is often preferred plain but you can also try it with chocolate, fruits or flavors.

Pineapple Bread is a sweet bread originating in Hong Kong, very popular, and found in nearly every bakery. The surface of the bread looks a pineapple, hence the name, but the traditional variety doesn't actually contain pineapple. A mixture of sugar, eggs, flour, and lard form a crisp surface with soft bread underneath,  and it's best eaten when hot.

The S.ARCH (Sustainable ARCHitecture) is an international annual platform where practitioners, researchers and industry leaders meet and exchange knowledge, insights and experiences on cross-disciplinary field of architecture and built environment. The S.ARCH AWARD is awarding the best  Completed Project and the best Conceptual Design. After 3 successful years, we are proud to say that the Conference is being worldwide accepted and spread.

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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Architecture & Built Environment with AWARDs - S.ARCH

Must SEE in Hong Kong!


Victoria Harbor and
Symphony of Lights

The establishment of Hong Kong as it exists today can be credited to the spectacular natural harbor, Victoria Harbor, which lies between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. It is China's largest harbor and the 3rd largest in the world.
The Symphony of Lights which is confirmed as world’s largest permanent light and sound show is one of the most popular attraction in Hong Kong. This stunning show is organized by Hong Kong Tourism Board and it is displayed every night starting at 20:00. Together with the lights, pyrotechnic fireworks, an orchestration of music and the sound show also start and it turns out to be an unforgettable visual feast.

This quaint village is located on the coast of Hong Kong's largest island, Lantau Island. The small village is framed by a backdrop of mountains. Tai O is a traditional fishing village inhabited by the Tanka people, fishermen by trade who live in unique homes along the water's edge. The Tanka houses are constructed on stilts and are interconnected. This is one of the few remaining examples of this type of traditional Chinese home in the Hong Kong area. This intimate living arrangement creates a tight knit community. The Tanks have a deep connection with the water, not only do they make their living from fishing but their homes are literally above the water.

Tai O - traditional fishing village

Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Po Lin Monastery was an obscure retreat hidden among the mountain top vegetation on Lantau Island, Ngong Ping, until the Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha was erected. The huge figure is 34 meters high (and that's in addition to the fact that it already towers over the city from the mountain top); and is made of bronze. The statue faces north and the inclination of its head with the eyes looking down gives the impression that the figure is really looking down on the people below. It is the largest Buddha of this kind in the world.  The Po Lin Monastery lies opposite the statue and is an important sanctum for Buddhist monks. The monastery was founded in 1906 and in 1924 established under its present name.

Must DO in Hong Kong!


Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market, as it name suggests, is a night time activity for you while you are in Hong Kong. It is the busiest flea market in the city and have numerous things to offer. This street bazaar not only offers you many things to buy cheaply but it is also a festival area where the visitors can enjoy various shows. What you can find in Temple Street Night Market is limitless. Among the usual wares on offer you can get your fortune told, consult with a Feng Shui expert, visit the market herbalist who practice traditional Chinese medicine and even see street performers singing Cantonese opera. The market has many eateries and bars as well as canteens selling local delicacies.

Hong Kong consists of 260 islands and it is actually an archipelago. So, the coastlines and the virgin coves can be only seen among the scattered islets. Getting on a junk and taking a trip in the sea will offer you another perspective of Hong Kong. If you never see their rugged coastlines or deserted coves, and if you are never buffeted by the salty sea wind as it blows full pelt across a surging prow, then you will not know very much of Hong Kong at all. Junks are the traditional Chinese fishing boats and now used for the touristic trips.  Load a picnic and a cool-box of beer and wine, and set off through the scattered islets. Drop anchor somewhere remote and dive off the deck for a swim.

Hire a Junk

Look down at the city from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the most popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong that offers a jaw-dropping view of the city. Having 552 meters of elevation, Victoria Peak is considered as the top of the city. The Peak incorporates a tram, Peak Tower, sky terrace, gardens, restaurants and shopping places. The Sky Terrace 428 stands at 428 meters above the sea level and presents panoramic views of this restless city. Victoria Peak is definitely the ultimate place where you can inhale the spirit of Hong Kong deeply. The Peak Tower is located at Victoria Gap and when you get on the Peak Tram, it bring you up from the St. John's Cathedral.

Copyright: Man Li

Source: http://de.123rf.com;

Copyright: tykhyi

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Copyright: Leung Cho Pan

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Copyright: Leung Cho Pan

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Copyright: motive56

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Copyright: Keng Po Leung

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Dim Sum

Eggette (Egg Waffle)

Pineapple Bread

Copyright: Teerayut Yukuntapornpong

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Source: http://de.123rf.com;

Copyright: Hung Wai Addy Ho

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The SECRETARY FOR EDUCATION of Hong Kong SAR Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-Kim has confirmed the Welcome Address at the Conference Opening.


The third day is planned for the half-day private guided CONFERENCE EXCURSION sightseeing tour through Hong Kong. The price is 21 EUR per person. In order to reserve your seat, please contact us via email latest due May 28th.

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We have two invited Keynote Speeches confirmed, coming from the internationally recognised architectural studios: Atkins (www.atkinsglobal.com) and 10 DESIGN (www.10design.co).

>>> KEYNOTE SPEAKERS -- See more <<<

Faculty of Architecture and CIB Student Chapter,
The University of Hong Kong

Skybar -- Chic and glamorous place at rooftop with indoor & outdoor area, 29th Floor

Indigo Hotel
A shimmering bronze dragon created from solar fins dramatically wraps the exterior of the Hotel Indigo® Hong Kong Island hotel, rooting us in the culture and traditions of our neighborhood. Our dramatic, cantilevered glass-bottomed infinity pool and Skybar are also perfect spots to take in the breathtaking views. Our lobby’s electric blue staircase’s design was inspired by the Blue House Cluster and Wan Chai’s vibrant nightlife, while our restaurant’s décor pays homage to the Old Post Office across the street, a treasure from the past. Cafe Post serves up a menu of local favorites with a modern twist.


The intimate rooftop Skybar, is serving up great wines as well as delicious snacks in a stylish and up-scale environment that, through clever interior design maintains a connection to the nostalgia of the surrounding neighbourhood and local culture. The urban views of Hong Kong make Skybar a must visit venue for travellers.

KEYNOTE LECTURE lasts for about 30 minutes.

Each ORAL PRESENTATION should lasts 15 minutes. Presenters are obliged to bring the USB stick with either MS PowerPoint or Adobe (PDF) presentation to the Registration Desk stuff on the morning when their presentation is scheduled. There is no template for the oral presentations, so that any one may be used.

The MULTI-MEDIA EQUIPMENT of the conference rooms comprises audio-visual equipment, overhead projector and video projector. One LAPTOP / NOTEBOOK will be available in each conference room.

Authors of POSTERS have to bring their Posters to the Registration Desk staff on the morning of June 7th before 8:45 am.

Conference Excursion

S.ARCH Conference

>>> S.ARCH AWARDs -- See more <<<

The names of Studios, which Projects and Designs are short-listed are now posted.

Conference Excursion

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